Fall fashion 2011 = Wait a minute I got that already!

Hello Everyone!
While I was looking at the trends for this fall, I realized that I can actually pull a lot of BR favorite looks with pieces that I already own! This year's trend is not very different from what we have seen last year.
Stripes, lots of lace and skinny jeans or dresses combined with fun cardigans are just some of the few alternatives.
The following are looks from Banana that I will be recreating with things that I currently have in my closet!

I have a dress similar to that skirt and a blazer almost identical
to that one too! I'm thinking it can totally work!

For this look, I'll only need the gray skinny jeans.
I've been looking for a pair like this for the longest time!

I love to wear gray with yellow in the fall!

This look -even though is kind of boring- works well for work. I have a skirt that
looks just like that...I'm very confident I'll can make this outfit more fun!

For this look, I have a skirt that it is not exactly like
that, but it can work with these other items.

I can't wait to put all these outfits togeteher. I hope you liked my fall fashion
  mini-preview! So next time before going out to buy new clothes for the upcoming season, remember to shop your closet first. :)