What's on your Autumn bucket list?

Now that it's officially fall, it's time to think about all the great things that this season has to offer. Like with any other time of the year, there are certain activities that can only be enjoyed during this time. Every year, I stick to the same traditional activities that are my favorite ones but at the same time, I try to incorporate new ones to the list. Hence my "Autumn Bucket List".
Autumn: (n). a time to enjoy the crisp air
Photography lovers like me are excited about this season because it allows us to get out and appreciate that natural color palette that only Autumn can offer. Unlike some other states, North Carolina has amazing views that portray the beauty of mother nature during this time of the year. But regardless of whether or not you like autumn for its photogenic potential, there is so much more to do! If you are looking for ideas take a look at my list for inspiration. You can choose to check off some of the things and even add your own!

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