Vineyard Review: Stonefield Cellars

One of the things on my summer to-do list is visiting new vineyards in my area. I really enjoy supporting local businesses and wineries are no exception. It is always hard to select which ones to visit because our state has so many! As the list of NC vineyards keeps on growing, so is my bucket list.

So for today's post,  I want to share my experience about the first local vineyard we visited this summer. 

 Located in Stoneville, Stonefield Cellars is a small but pretty charming winery. You can sample their wines, take a guided tour, have a picnic, attend their frequent events or rent the space to host a business gathering or a private party.

The tasting room is managed by a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable girl called Sarah, who by the way,  happened to be the daughter's owner. If you go to sample their wines, they offer a great selection of dry reds and off-dry, sweet and dessert wines. I highly recommend their "BellaSelena" wine, which is a semi-sweet blush with delicate hints of red fruit and flowers. It's absolutely delicious!

The rest of the wines I sampled were great, but "BellaSelena" was my favorite. If you go to sample their wines, you will be offered a list of 3 dry whites, 6 dry reds, and 7 off-dry, sweet and dessert wines. You can select up to 7 to sample from the list, but when you get to the last group make sure to try their signature dessert wine called Vin de Narle'. It's a wine with notes of cherry and chocolate that will have you crave dark chocolate right away.

We had a fabulous time at Stonefield cellars especially talking to Sarah, sampling the wines,  exploring around and having our picnic. We are already planning to go back to attend one of their Friday concerts some time before the end of August.

If you want to plan your visit, these are the details:

How to get there:
8220 NC Hwy 68 N, Stocksdale, NC 27357

Tasting room Hours:
Th-Sat 12-6pm
Sun 1-6pm or by appointment

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