A month of healthy breakfasts with DIY frozen smoothie packs

A while back I wrote a post about how meal planning  helps my family stay healthy. It was mainly about easy dinners. But this post is all about preparing healthy breakfasts in advance to make your mornings a lot easier. The only difference is that for this plan, you will need to prepare your smoothies in advance and freeze the packs in ziplock bags. It only requires a little time, but it can save you a lot of time in the long run thought the week or month. And in addition, you stay heathy.

So before I go on, I thought I'd mention how I decided to try this. When I went grocery shopping a few weeks ago, I realized that the smoothie packs that I used to buy are not longer available. What? Yes, that are "discontinued". That's not cool, I thought!  I tried other brands, but it's not the same. What I liked about that brand so much was the packs contained already frozen yogurt in them.

So then I thought about a way I could do the same with same yogurt they used and some ice cube trays, add them to my smoothies and voilà,  that's the story of how my version of the packs I used to buy was created!
Today I'm really excited to be sharing 7 of my favorite smoothie recipes that can be prepared in advance by gathering all ingredients in freezer bags.

The first step is to place your favorite yogurt into ice trays and into the freezer. I used two trays to produce 24 frozen yogurt cubes. The recipes below call for all 24 cubes if you want to make 7 smoothies. You will also need a sharpie to label your bags. 
You can buy all ingredients at once and plan for the entire month, or you can do it one week at a time. If you do the entire month,  you will need more ice cube trays to freeze the yogurt.


  1. love healthy smoothies and these recipes seem really great! But it does seem a bit tedious to make all those frozen yogurt cubes, I'll have to work time into my schedule to make them but definitely worth a try!

    1. You are right. It seems a bit tedious but it's not. It took me 5 minutes to fill up 2 ice trays. If you want to, you can totally skip this step and just use regular yogurt. I do it like that to secure I have enough yogurt for smoothies when I need it.
      Thanks for reading!

  2. Must try recipes. Thank you for sharing.
    Xo, Christianne

  3. This is the perfect post for me right now, I've been having smoothies almost daily lately and it's good to find more recipe inspiration! Raspberry sunrise sounds divine, and I love your photos, especially the green smoothie on the black background!

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  4. Love these. Freezing the yogurt yourself is a great idea. These recipes look delicious! Thanks for sharing!

    x, Tyler | http://tinymisstyler.com