How to create a HYGEE home

How amazing would it be for your home to anticipate your needs in a way that would bring 
balance to your life? Although some homes have state of the art technology that allows it in some way, in reality, not all homes are created equal. The good news is that you do not need any of that to live a more meaningful life.

So, then I asked myself what role does your home play in supporting your self-care goals? A very important one, if you ask me. When it comes to how interiors develop a lifestyle, I want to know as much as possible. So while looking for answers, I came across this idea of HYGEE.
What is HYGEE (pronounced "heu-gah") you may be asking? Well, HYGGE is a Danish term with no English translation. But the closest meaning would be " cozy, or well-being".
The term has its origins in Norway, but over the years it has turned into a lifestyle embraced by the Scandinavian culture.

To make it simple, HYGEE is the art of creating a sanctuary in your home, which in turn allows you to connect with your loved ones in order to slow down and to celebrate life's ordinary moments. 
Sounds like a good idea ah? especially in the times, we live now. Celebrating the ordinary things in
life should not be hard to accomplish.
Interestingly enough, the word that comes to my mind is "self-care" or how your home can 
support it by following some HYGEE principles.

At the beginning of this year, I set a goal for myself to pay attention to the details in our home that do not support my self-care plans. Turns out, 2017 was the year of HYGEE which makes me
think about why I love to write about the intersection of home d├ęcor and shaping lifestyles. So in 
this post, I am sharing some ideas about how to incorporate HYGEE into your home while being 
strategic about your own well-being.

In order to create a home that supports your self-care routine, just follow the HYGEE tips for each space in your home. So here is the breakdown:

Try to incorporate warm lighting. Bring in candles and eat comfort foods. Just eliminate unused 
gadgets and de-clutter on a regular basis. Open your home to share meals with friends and family members.
Incorporate some plants or flowers to add some green and your kitchen is on its way to HYGEE.

Sleeping well allows our bodies and minds to rest. Make sure you have the essentials to have a 
good night sleep.

Add lamps with dim light. Do not forget to incorporate soft textures are a must along with soft rugsand chunky throws.  The color choices are equally important. Opt for neutrals in the walls andthe bedding. Leave all technology outside the bedroom.

Living rooms or family rooms are areas for reading, relaxing, and conversation. Try to reduce the amount of technology that comes into this space as well. It should be a place to foster togetherness by displaying happy memories and creating new ones.  If possible, create a reading area and surround 
yourself with your favorite books, plants, and candles. You can also use an oil infuser to add a more relaxing vibe to your space. I've been using mine every day with different oils, and I highly recommend it. Make sure you get the right oils for you.

Create a "spa-style" bathroom by bringing in natural materials and fluffy towels. Soft textures, a 
calm color palette, and a few candles will be enough as long as you have stocked your bathroom cabinet with bubble bath, body scrubs, face masks and body lotions. Then all you need is your 
book and the music when you are ready for your bath.

HYGEE is all about living a well-balanced life in all areas of your everyday. By that, I mean 
mentally, physically and emotionally. And even though it may be difficult sometimes to reach that 
balance, you can start with small steps every day until you develop your own routine.

To read more on the topic, here are some books on the subject:
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To be intentional about it, you can use my self-care planner which I created with that goal in mind
With so many options on your phone and computer to sync and use these calendars, I think it is optimal.It's not a good idea to use an electronic calendar because a) they can be filled up forever and b) because the idea is to take a break from technology too. To be clear, I also included a "not to do list to clear your mind and stop the "always busy" American mentality.

Self-Care Planner

This planner is helpful, simple to use and encourages you to write things down. I believe that when we write things down, we are more willing to follow through. 

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