Mood Board: Modern Office

modern office

Quick Question: What's the key to getting everything on your to-do list accomplished?
Quick Answer: A great office space, of course! Whether you have an actual office or just a corner somewhere, these pieces do not take a lot of room. So if you are in the mood for getting a lot done or just getting an office makeover, this mood board will do the trick. What's even better, they are all super-budget friendly.

This look is classic, yet modern and super feminine without being too much. Hello, blush chair!
By keeping it minimal, you can ensure that no clutter will be allowed in your space. The file folder and the box are made of fabric, which gives the space some soft, clean texture. 
How fun is the pineapple lamp? That will sure put a smile on your face every time you walk into your office.
The golden grid will serve as your inspiration board for all your creative projects. 
And the graphic, black and white rug is what brings everything together to complete the look along with a plant you will never kill! Eight pieces and you are done: an entire office space.

Get the Look!

1- Wall Grid |  2- Pineapple Lamp | 3-File Magazine  | 4-Accent chair | 5- Basic Desk | 6-Plant  |
7- Box File  | 8- Rug

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