How to achieve Joanna's Fixer Upper Style

If you are familiar with the show Fixer Upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines, you are probably a fan of her style. There's a reason why 55 million Americans tune in every Tuesday to watch another home renovation.

So I started to wonder...what is it about Joanna's style that viewers love so much?
Well, after watching all seasons,  I decided it would be useful to write a compilation of her "go-to" design elements, materials and accents to create the "fixer-upper style".
To narrow it down,  I started with her style in "general", and then I broke it down by rooms.
 So here we go!

Joanna's idea of knocking down walls to "open up the space" is a constant element in almost every episode. Her floor plans are open and connected to the living room, dinner room or breakfast nook. 

Neutrals, neutrals and more neutrals. When she is not using shiplap or wainscoting, the walls are dressed up with soothing shades of grey, greens, and blues.

To add the rooms character, Joanna's go-to pieces are hand-picked or custom-made wooden barn doors, beams and mantels. In addition, every time they can restore and refinish original hardwoods, she relies on Chip to get the job done.

To add or increase natural light, not only she creates open spaces, but she also adds french doors and tall windows every chance she gets.

This is my favorite aspect of her renovations. I love how she blends vintage pieces with newer, modern ones. From big clocks, antique books, wooden candle sticks to graphic signs, quotes and antique glass bottles, she always finds that unique way of surprising the homeowners.
Joanna is a pro at incorporating unexpected elements in any room. She does not hesitate to use outdoor decor and use it as a 3D art on the walls or as statement pieces. In addition,  she can maximize a small space by hanging trays or using bar carts that double as nightstands.

Open to the kitchen and dining room,  a simple rug brings the neutral sofas and chairs together with the wooden coffee table usually styled with greenery and antique books. To make it look cool, relaxed and collected, she does not do the "matchy matchy" side tables, lamps or even sofas and chairs. The idea is to enjoy the space without feeling like you are in a showroom.
Whenever possible, she makes the fireplace the focal point with the addition of some architectural salvage. And if you paid attention, she never incorporates TVs in her projects. All the mantels are always styled with frames or other type of accessories because Joanna and Chip in real life do not own a tv. Isn't it ironic?

The heart of the home gains central location in almost all of Jonna and Chip's renovations. The fact that they can connect to the other living areas, makes its layout perfect for entertaining. Massive islands that double duty as breakfast bars are covered with quartz or marble, usually in a contrasting color with the rest of the cabinets. Open shelving, hardwood floors, and an apron sink completes the industrial vibe with the galvanized pendants or transparent globes along with industrial stools. Simple subway tile for the backsplash, stainless steel appliances and boom: the formula to Joanna's Modern Farmhouse kitchen!

If the formula for the kitchen was industrial+ modern, the formula for the dining room has to be industrial + vintage. With dining rooms,  Joanna plays with incorporating vintage signs with metallic chairs. She adds either industrial pendants or antique chandeliers, but it all goes together with the wooden tables and natural greenery or oversized farmhouse candle holders. More often than not, there's a unique table custom-made by her carpenter Clint.

Classic black and white tiles with marble countertops and subway tiles to look cohesive with the rest of the house. Open, airy and and very spacious her master baths have the feeling of being in a spa. The showers have glass doors  and the stand-alone tubs are usually the focal point. The walls are always painted in the softest of grey tones or muted blues.  

I hope that with this guide all of Joanna's elements of design become organized in this post. I know I will be looking for more details every time I watch the show, but for now this is what I was able to narrow down for this post. 

Thanks for reading and don't forget to pin it!

Photos via Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines
The opinions are my own.  This is NOT a sponsored post

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