Color Crush: Blush

Hello! Today's post is all about my favorite color of all times: blush. This  color is by all means the color I gravitate towards whenever I have the chance to shop around for my wardrobe or home office. It's light, airy, delicate, feminine and so calm. It's the perfect hue to brighten any space without going too crazy.

Audrey Hepburn said "there is a shade of red for every woman" to which  I'll change to there's a shade of blush for all of just have to find it.

Since the announcement of the Pantene color(s) of the year,  I have seen an enormous increase in all the areas of design incorporating these tones -which is ok with me-, I'm not complaining at all. But what it is interesting to see is how these colors are being paired. What I like the most about blush is that I can pair it with black, white and gold, which happened to be my top 3 preferences after blush. So to show you some pairing examples,  I have gathered some of my own fav blush accessories plus some new items by Surya.

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