Hostess Essentials: Brunch

Summer gatherings are so exciting. There's a general laid-back atmosphere, people feel better in general and days are longer.
Although I love to entertain all year long, I'm always looking forward to "the annual summer brunch". Even my friends start asking... "do we have a date yet"? or "when are we doing summer brunch this year"?

In this post, I have listed all my essentials for the last brunch I hosted a few weeks ago. They are exactly what I used, but they are pretty close. My hostess closet is well-stocked by now with everything I need, but I have been collecting my items for years. The idea here is to inspire your to re-create the tablescape, change it up or to create your own. Regardless of what you choose to do, do not wait to invite your friends and have a good time.


But first, brunch

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