Better Together: The Foyer

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Do you ever wonder how your  home can make a good "first impression" ? Well, ask yourself this question: what is the first thing that all my guests will see when they enter into my home?
 Answer: all your guests walking into your home will go through the front door, and the first space from your home they will see will be your foyer. Yes, your foyer is how your home can make a great "first impression". And to achieve that goal it has to be welcoming.
 Now the next question is... How do you style your foyer with just a few items? Well, here is an idea.

So if want to style for foyer with five items or less but at the same time make it look fun and unique, look for pieces that can set the mood for your entire home. Do you want it to feel calm, relaxed, or energetic and vibrant?

This concept board that I put together has an Asian vibe with the painted piece of furniture, which sets the mood for the space. Depending on your space dimensions, you can use all the pieces or just a few of them.
The idea is that  you don't need a lot to create a welcoming foyer that will make a good "first impression". 

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