How to Create a Minimal Home

It's fascinating to me how design can create, define and shape our lifestyles. Whether your aesthetic  is modern, classic, bohemian, contemporary or eclectic, they all sure showcase a glimpse of who you are. There is a reason why they say that "your home says a lot about you." It portrays your taste, your personality, your adventures and your everyday life.

Right now I have seen a lot about minimalism in design and lifestyles in general. At first, I thought it was just a temporary "trend", but I think is more than that. It seems that a lot of people nowadays are trying to live with less to create a more meaningful lifestyle.  Living with less distractions we can really focus on what's important to us. From capsule wardrobes, to tiny homes to even books and documentaries, I think minimalism is here to stay. And I also believe that is becoming more of "movement" at a very fast pace.

So in order to list the key points about minimal home decor, I thought I'd share this great  this infographic that perfectly illustrates the most important elements to incorporate minimalism into your home. It's a bit lengthy but worth it so keep reading.

How to Create a Minimal Home

Source: Visually.

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